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I binged Neil Stevenson’s new[ish] novel, Seveneves, in the last 4 days while I should have been doing other things. I’ll call it my holiday. It isn’t my favorite of his (that would be Cryptonomicon followed by Snow Crash), and it isn’t my favorite genre piece, let’s call it long-perspective hard SciFi, but it’s damn good, and extremely fun. I have some thoughts that may be worth sharing.
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The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of The Year Vol. 7

While I’m writing up things I’ve done recently, I finished this year’s edition of the Jonathan Strahan edited The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year collection. As in previous years I’ll mention the high points.
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NPR Science Fiction and Fantasy

At Systems Lunch earlier today one of the Professors brought up NPR’s Science Fiction And Fantasy Finalists list, which kicked off a fabulous discussion of favorites and extended the already ridiculous list of things I’d like to read. There are only a handful of things I consider appropriate for the list missing (like Brian Aldiss’ Helliconia Trilogy, mentioned in my last post), and a surprising number of things usually excluded for one reason or another (Like Timothy Zhan’s Thrawn Trilogy which is tainted by association with the Star Wars franchise, and Yevgeny Zamyatin’s under-appreciated dystopia novel We) present.

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