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Hip Resurfacing

The lesser posting for the last few days is in large part because my father got his hip resurfaced last Thursday, so I’ve been visiting and running errands for my parents. Resurfacing is apparently now the preferable option when it is possible, as it heals faster (makes sense, less is replaced), and may be longer lasting. The widget itself is pretty neat, its a non-ferrous (CoCr) metal ball-and-socket, with a bead-blasted shaft on the ball (To grow into the leg bone) and a ceramic layer bonded to the outside of the socket (to bond with the pelvis*). Having him ask about the chemistry of the replacement module (So how is the ceramic bonded to the…) and weather it was safely non-ferromagnetic for bringing near NMR machines (it is) was clearly a little bewildering to the surgeon, but definitely means hes thinking it through.
Everything went well, and he’s recovering impressively quickly. He is even startling the PTs with how enthusiastic and capable he is about hobbling around with his walker. Should be home in another day or two and as mobile as he was before the operation in a matter of weeks.

*Excuse any gross errors in anatomy, I’ve never been terribly well versed in it.

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Family Visit

I’m up in Madison, WI joining a gathering of my mother’s extended family for the week. My mother’s side of the family is great fun for me; almost the entire family is over-educated, hyperfunctional, and a little bit snarky, just like the people I associate with when left to my own devices.
I’m currently spending the afternoon/evening holding down the fort; keeping the doors open and track of the whereabouts of the family, and setting up for dinner with ingredients as they appear, which means we will be having a boneless leg of lamb, slit and packed with garlic wedges and fresh rosemary (baked), fresh green beans with portabellini, and long grain white rice. I spent alot of yesterday helping with a proper (fussy, tedious) country ham and scalloped potatoes, but there were more cooks yesterday. I don’t often get to do large meal for large group type cooking, so I’m enjoying myself.
I’m also continuing my reading spree; I finished Outliers on the way down (the part of the trip not spent driving through disaster-grade construction+wide object transport). It had a very disappointing ending, the earlier part of the book had interesting observations… the last chapter was dedicated to trite, weak conclusions based on anectdotes. I enjoyed the useful part.
Now I’m on to Lolita. I’m finding it unusually intense to read because I vastly prefer hearing (or at least reading under my breath) Nabakov’s prose. I might consider an audiobook of it, even though I usually find them frusterating, just to save my throat. I tend toward short stories for the tight prose that even most excellent authors can’t maintain over any substantal length; Lolita isn’t quite the same, but it is really excellent stylized writing. I also started the Consciousness Very Short Introduction since it’s a PDF on the n810, and thusalways on hand.
I also found a used copy of GEB (and some other desirables) walking through UW Madison’s bookstore… which is indeed the kind of place I go for fun.

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