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We Have the Classiest Grad Students

Man Charged With Attempted Murder In Plot To Kill Witnesses

Yeah, that Polish Mike is the Polish Mike from the ECE department, that I did a Digital Controls project with a couple semesters ago, and who was TAing EE222.

I’m hoping the unnamed passenger in the article wasn’t his girlfriend, who is a recent graduate from our department, bright, and to the best of my knowledge uninvolved in Mike’s shadier behaviors.

Strangely enough, he was a competent engineer and a cool guy — aside from the drug dealing, apparent mob connections, and murdering, obviously. He was always very honest about his various fuckups, and would sometimes warn us that he had a court date coming and might not be back. We’d always just wish him good luck and make sure not to get involved, because, frankly, what else can you do? We were always kind of impressed that he kept coming back, he must have had some damn good legal representation. I suspect this latest incident is going to break the cycle of reappearances for quite some time.

EDIT: Folks in the department have talked to the girlfriend, she wasn’t involved. Also, you can check out Mike’s status on the LFUCG Division of Community Corrections page.

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