Another year older, and again much the same, although not exactly as expected; I got a repulsive mixture of “no”s and bullshit offers on the round of PhD applications I sent out last year, and will be in Lexington for another year. That said, my plans for next year still suit me: I’m employed for the next semester working with the revamped EE101 course which covers the “Creative” requirement of the new general studies system at UK, in which we will (among other things) have the engineer younglings doing fun hobby electronics type things.

I also have a bit of the MS project to finish off. In my original plans I would have been defending on right about now. The delay in the MS as roughly as much to do with me being unfocused from the break in momentum as any of the various predictable setbacks in the project.

The combination actually works quite well: because it is a two section class with several people working on it, I should also have plenty of time to work on research, initially finishing off the last of the MS, and then seeing to various other projects which have been previously deferred.

The situation fits my personality: I’m directed, not driven. As long as I’m pointed in a direction I like and making progress, I’m pretty content.

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