Humble Indie Bundle, Again

The Humble Inidie Bundle folks have a new set available, labelled #3. (I guess the last one was “Humble Frozenbyte Bundle” and thus not numbered). I liked Crayon Physics when it was an experiment on Maemo, and the collection of puzzle platformers that make up most of the balance look worthwhile. Once again, I’m in for $15.
EDIT: My mistake, the Maemo physics game I was thinking of was a contemporary play-alike called Numpty Physics

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  1. Sarah says:

    I got it, too. I haven’t downloaded/installed all the games on my Mac yet, but I’ve played Crayon Physics Deluxe and I got in on the free month of Minecraft. I’ve actually been playing more Minecraft than any of the Bundle games. ๐Ÿ˜› I installed VVVVVV, plus Braid, Machinarium, and Osmos from the previous Bundle they added. Do you do any Minecrafting? My stupid brain likes to get motion sick from brief stints of it, but I’m still having fun building houses and avoiding Creepers.

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