2000s Gaming Time Crystal

Look at this time crystal on shopgoodwill. A pristine Antec SX1030 case (or chieftech dragon or one of the other clones), painted metallic green with a window installed. Every commercial or DIY gaming PC in the first few years of the 2000s was in one of these. It even has a case badge from an unreliable (but I repeat myself) Chaintech nforce2 motherboard installed, and a visible QC stamp from 2000.

It’s probably pristine because it exists permanently in 2001 and we’re just perceiving it in the present. If you built a sleeper in it, when you were done installing the OS there would be a cracked copy of Halo already installed. Wherever the buyer puts it, a half empty bottle of Bawls will phase into existence somewhere in a 6ft radius.

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