Long-Standing Basilisk II Bug Fixed

I had nothing to do with this but I’m super excited.

There has been a long-standing bug in the CPU emulation in Basilisk II (a 68K Macintosh emulator) that could be reliably triggered when *inhales* Bruno the shark killed you in a later level of Barrack, an Ambrosia Software enhanced Jezzball type game that I’m quite fond of. Barrack has bugs in almost all emulators including Apples’ own Classic environment, so it’s a good test for emulators (…and it’s a great game, IMO the best of the genre).

I saw the basiliskii-git AUR package update when I was running updates earlier, played one round of Barrack during my afternoon coffee break to see if anything major changed, and … it’s fixed!

It looks like it might be this little one-liner to the control register handling related to differences in MOVEC between the 68000 and later 680×0 versions, in some core code inherited from UAE.

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