Most Overpriced Marchintosh

Since I recently got my HP Apollo 9000 Series 735 up and running, and it’s March, I decided to have a little Marchintosh fun and load MAE (the Macintosh Application Environment, a real officially-licensed Apple product) on to it this evening. As you can see from the photo (because I don’t have a device that can capture the video this thing outputs, and haven’t figured out screenshots under HP-UX 10.20), it works.

Here is the full absurd setup, in its terribly framed and lit glory because that VESA-arm mounted monitor on my desk hutch is the only one I own that will tolerate the CRX24z video card’s one mode, and the 45lb monolith of a machine makes kind of a deep awkward scene.

MAE is fascinating, it’s basically the decapitated head of A/UX bolted on to a 68K emulator, that Apple sold as a compatibility environment to run on Sun (Solaris/Sparc) and HP (HP-UX/PA-RISC) Unix workstations. This setup comes courtesy of the usual gray-ware historical software archives, and some extra confidence that it was possible because Newtonian on the emaculation forum did this setup under qemu a couple years ago.

Something on the order of a $65,000 in the early 90s to get …basically the performance of a IIsi so it was absurd at the time. I own a shelf full of vintage Apple hardware, so it’s absurd now. But here I am, spending my Saturday evening making stupid dreams come true.

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  1. Joel Crane says:

    That is extremely cool. Thanks for sharing!

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