Josh Hawley wants to punish Disney by taking copyright law back to 1909 and that sucks

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Article note: I mean, he's a giant piece of shit and targeting Disney specifically (...for reasons other than their role in the ridiculous expansion of copyright) is inappropriate but... I'd be all for going back to 28+28 copyright.
Senate Armed Services Committee
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I have been told to blog about Senator Josh Hawley’s new copyright bill, and I do this with nothing but the greatest reluctance. Normally, I love talking about copyright! I’ll talk about copyright all day long! [Ed note: And she does.] But writing this post is agony, because the thought of giving this absolutely asinine piece of legislation any attention is killing me on the inside.

This is a deeply unserious bill. There is not a line in it that is meant to pass muster. It is knowingly in violation of the Constitution, and an insult to the democratic process.

In brief, the bill is targeted at the Walt Disney Company, also known as,

a person that (i) has a market capitalization of more than $150,000,000,000; and (ii)(I) is classified...

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