Developer sabotages his own apps, then claims Aaron Swartz was murdered

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: Oof, I expected the "Everything about the node ecosystem is dumb" and "I realized I've been enabling profit-seeking parasites and objected" parts of the story. I'm not even super shocked by the the oddly placed but (only in the broad sense, not the specifics) vaguely reasonable middle-fingers-up-for-Aaron connection. But then it veers in a whole new crazy Qnut flavored direction that wasn't even an option until a few years ago.
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The developer who sabotaged two of his own open source code libraries, causing disruptions for thousands of apps that used them, has a colorful past that includes embracing a QAnon theory involving Aaron Swartz, the well-known hacktivist and programmer who died by suicide in 2013.

Marak Squires, the author of two JavaScript libraries with more than 21,000 dependent apps and more than 22 million weekly downloads, updated his projects late last week after they remained unchanged for more than a year. The updates contained code to produce an infinite loop that caused dependent apps to spew gibberish, prefaced by the words “Liberty Liberty Liberty.” The update sent developers scrambling as they attempted to fix their malfunctioning apps.

What really happened with Aaron Swartz?

Squires provided no reason for the move, but in a readme file accompanying last week’s malicious update, he included the words “What really happened with Aaron Swartz?”

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