The [Rust] Core Team Is Toxic

Source: Hacker News

Article note: So, I'm willing to believe the rust core team are being pompous myoptic assholes, or at least in over their heads, but there's another pattern that is also worrying. Every time this bubbles up, it seems like the rust core team is making choices putting the health and viability of the technology over sociopolitical purity like cooperating with monied interests who use and financially support the tech regardless of their politics and behavior - you know, the sort of thing a governance team whose charter is to ensure the health and survival of the tech _should_ be doing - and the identity radicals are mad about it and insinuating against them, but very carefully not being specific because if they were they'd get laughed out. At least when it's copyleft radicals vs. pragmatists, the sociopolitical arguments are fundamentally technological and not just about the identities of whoever happens to have their hands on it right now. VERY historical Marxist circular firing squad, come back for the identity-as-the-only-lens folks as it plagued the class-as-the-only-lens folks in the 20th century. Someone in the HN comments seems to be noticing the same thing.
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