Biden’s Silence on Abortion Rights at a Key Moment Worries Liberals

Source: NYT > U.S.

Article note: Uh-oh. A friend and I were musing about a year ago that the Democrat's realistic ways to long-term dominance are giving up on one of the perennial wedge issues, either abortion or guns. Said friend argued that the better route would be to give up on protecting abortion rights, I said that no, admitting my own biases, the number of people who will be permanently resentful of a failure to protect abortion rights is too high for that to be a winning strategy, but there are plenty of quality evidentiary and historical-liberalism arguments for quitting their gun-control bullshit, and the single-issue anti-gun population is smaller and less enthusiastic than any of the other groups we're discussing. But here we are. Pushing Chapman as ATF director and staying quiet while their opposition's long-term re-banning abortion plans come to fruition.

As a case before the Supreme Court threatens Roe v. Wade and Democrats’ urgency grows, many activists believe the president needs to be bolder in defending reproductive rights.

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