EDIT: Never mind, voting has been extended until Friday 2008-02-28

By a vote-with-pledge-for-appropriate-membership-fee, the Lexington hacker space and associated community is now known as Collexion. This was my second choice after LexCapacitor (a double pun on flux capacitor and NYC Resistor, beyond the obvious “storing creative energy”). I agree that this is probably more friendly to the non electronics-dorks in the potential community, and am perfectly satisfied with the outcome. It also sounds like we have a space; will be moving in to a portion of the very large, very nice space recently leased by Awesome Inc., who are working to start as a reasonably compatibly aimed technology business incubator/coworking space. So long as there are no further incidents with people from Awesome (cap = Awesome Inc.) speaking for us, and the slimy MBA feel of the Awesome people doesn’t interfere with our hacker flair, it seems like a great arrangement for all involved.

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