Culture Experiment

Last night I had the sudden realization that I had NO IDEA what the US Top 40 chart looked like, so I went and found a listing. Turns out I only recognized 5 tracks out of the 40. I then proceeded to ask around; of the 6 quick responses I got, individuals recognized an average of 4.5 tracks, with a spread from 0 to 11. Either I know very cultured people, or the Internet really is making radio irrelevant. Or some partial mixture thereof. I’d be curious how other people do.
The second part of the experiment was trying to listen through the whole list. It really is godawful, I ended up stopping over half the tracks before they finished because I just couldn’t stand it, and I only made it to about #30 before I gave up. Perhaps my generation is becoming old. Damn kids, get off my lawn?

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