Passing Obsessions

I INTENSELY wanted to hear female-voice country/pop this weekend while studying. I’m not really sure why, I’ve been noticing that I did in fact grow up in the south lately, and it’s clearly a related phenomenon, but I only have nebulous suspicions as to what triggered it. Therefore, a playlist full of The Wreckers and Taylor Swift to assuage the urge. I need to go out and talk to (flirt with) a “Look at me, I’m a peach” sort of girl to remind me how irritating they are so I can put an end to this.

In a related note, listen to the melody of “Tears on my Guitar” (current single) then the melody of “Dear Lie” (single about a decade ago)… recycling plastics is good for the environment, what is recycling pop hooks good for? I’m pretty sure the same hook is in something else that was on the radio, maybe one of SR71’s singles?

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