Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

Portland has a reputation for good food, and, despite the fact we ate a lot of conference provided food and nasty (but reliably non-poisonous) chain restaurant fare, I got a couple notably good meals in while there. I had nice pho one day for lunch with a friend who now lives in Portland which was good, but not worthy of transcontinental lust. Dinner on the last day however, is fully worthy. On the recommendation of one of my advisor’s former students who lives in the area, we went to Marrakesh. Marrakesh has great ambiance, with low tables and cushions, low lights, rugs, no utensils, and belly dancers roaming the floor. They also have the best Moroccan food I’ve ever had, and I’m quite found of food from the former Persian empire. 5 courses (Lentil Soup, salads, B’stilla, an entrée, and dessert with Moroccan tea)for under $20 a head. Just spectacular, and perfect for putting us all in a comfortable coma for the less than comfortable (full flight + frontal weather = suck) red-eye back across the country. Highly recommended for anyone who gets the chance.

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