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I just wanted to make a pointer to this /r/archlinux thread about dropping ConsoleKit support for a systemd-specific replacement, because I think the discussion (that I waded in to) is revealing about how the current “Linux is increasingly un-UNIX-like, and that makes me unhappy” situation came to be. For the record, tomegun is Tom Gunderson, Arch’s initiscripts maintainer – isn’t the internet cool?

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  1. CorkyAgain says:

    Coming very late to this party, but I was amused to see yet another instance of comments like this one:

    It is just that no one seems to be interested in doing the required work (or the third-party projects themselves don’t seem interested in accepting it). It would really be trivial to make it work if someone decided they wanted to.

    … which I interpret as “Yeah, I know we’ve been introducing all this unUNIXy stuff, but with a little work you can still have things the old way. It’s just that nobody wants to put the time and effort into repairing the damage we’ve done.”

    Shorter version: “It’s a done deal. Time to move on.”

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