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A new PDP-10 is put on the internet for free access #VintageComputing @sdf_pubnix

Source: adafruit industries blog

Article note: Neat. A Systems Concepts SC-40 running TOPS-20, online for all to poke.

The Super Dimension Fortress (SDF) is a networked community of free software authors, teachers, librarians, students, researchers, hobbyists, computer enthusiasts, the aural and visually impaired. It is operated as a recognized non-profit 501(c)(7) and is supported by its members.

They just placed a Digital Equipment PDP-10, manufactured from 1966 to 1983 onto the internet for free access. It’s ironic that the PDP-10 was responsible for creation of ARPAnet, the internet’s predecessor.

ssh sc40@hie.sdf.org and ‘login new new’ to play

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