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Microsoft Mulls Cheap PCs Supported by Ads, Subs

Source: Slashdot

Article note: Anyone remember the i-Opener? One of the horseman of the dotcom crash? There it is again.

The Register: A number of job postings -- including this now-closed ad from late September for a principal software engineering manager -- are looking for engineers and others to become part of the "newly formed Windows Incubation team" whose mission is to "build a new direction for Windows in a cloud first world." The lofty goal is to "move Windows to a place that combines the benefits of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to offer more compute resources on demand and creates a hybrid app model that spans from on-premises to the cloud." According to the ad, it also includes "building a Web-based shell with direct integration with Windows 365." Included in the possible models are low-cost PCs available via subscriptions, with advertising helping to offset some of the costs. (Also mentioned in the job are direct-to-cloud devices.)

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Linux Boot Partitions

Source: Hacker News

Article note: The ESP will be a feeble vfat partition, which is typically too small to realistically use for storing kernel images... so you should use it, or a second, also vfat partition, to store our even-bigger UKI kernel images. What?
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