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GNU Make to drop support for OS/2, AmigaOS, Xenix

Source: OSNews

Article note: Interesting drops. OS/2 is only used in places that got trapped, and they don't want to touch it, but it's still faintly surprising that one of the big trapped entities didn't bankroll the development work. AmigaOS ...I'm surprised, the rabid Amiga people keep that ecosystem first-class amazingly beyond it's sell-by date. Xenix is for historical interest only, and immiscible with anything modern, it's more surprising it was still in there.

GNU Make 4.4 is here, and it has some interesting – and sad – news for some of the old operating systems we still cover on OSNews. Sadly, support for OS/2 (EMX), AmigaOS, Xenix, and Cray will be dropped from the next release of Make. Now, I’m not entirely sure just how many users of these operating systems even use Make, but for those of you that do – tough cookie right here.

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9front releases new version of Plan 9 OS fork: The Golden Age of Ballooning

Source: The Register

Article note: Plan9 is one of the most prominent places where ideas from the early 90s lodged when computing popularized and calcified. 9Front is where all the crazy people who those ideas resonate go to play.

Prepare to be confused

9front is a fork and continuation of Plan 9 from Bell Labs, which is what the minds behind UNIX and the C programming language went on to do next. It is also rather strange.…

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