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Google pushed a one-character typo to production, bricking Chrome OS devices

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: JFC google. An elementary error a linter should catch that completely breaks login made it through the QA process, in what is nominally a computers-for-the-computer-illiterate product line.
Google pushed a one-character typo to production, bricking Chrome OS devices

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Google says it has fixed a major Chrome OS bug that locked users out of their devices. Google's bulletin says that Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165, which was briefly available this week, renders users unable to log in to their devices, essentially bricking them.

Chrome OS automatically downloads updates and switches to the new version after a reboot, so users who reboot their devices are suddenly locked out them. The go-to advice while this broken update is out there is to not reboot.

The bulletin says that a new build, version 91.0.4472.167, is rolling out now to fix the issue, but it could take a "few days" to hit everyone. Users affected by the bad update can either wait for the device to update again or "powerwash" their device—meaning wipe all the local data—to get logged in. Chrome OS is primarily cloud-based, so if you're not doing something advanced like running Linux apps, this solution presents less of an inconvenience than it would on other operating systems. Still, some users are complaining about lost data.

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Lexington records highest single-day total of new COVID-19 cases in five months

Source: Kentucky.com -- Fayette County

Article note: "We've had first COVID, yes, but what about second COVID."

The surge in new coronavirus cases in Fayette County continues. On Wednesday, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department reported 79 new cases, the highest single-day total of new cases since Feb. … Click to Continue »

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