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Does It Hurt Children to Measure Pandemic Learning Loss?

Source: NYT > Education

Article note: "Don't measure because we don't like the probable result, just socially promote everyone and let them fail later."

Research shows many young children have fallen behind in reading and math. But some educators are worried about stigmatizing an entire generation.

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W3C Technical Architecture Group slaps down Google’s proposal to treat multiple domains as same origin

Source: The Register

Article note: That seems like an obviously incredibly terrible idea useful only for abuse.

First Party Sets 'harmful to the web in its current form'

A Google proposal which enables a web browser to treat a group of domains as one for privacy and security reasons has been opposed by the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG).…

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Could index funds be “worse than marxism”?

Source: Hacker News

Article note: ...the whole thing "Oh no, passive investments aren't subject to bullshit rumor/fad-based manipulation and don't drive perverse incentives to cut corners and take dumb risks the way 'capitalism' is supposed to." That all seems like a feature to me.
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