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Trump allies reportedly discussing who will have to break the news of his potential loss

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Article note: If anything has ever called for downfall memes.

As former Vice President Joe Biden appears on the cusp of potentially winning the presidency, President Trump's allies are reportedly discussing how to tell him that he may have lost his re-election bid.

No winner in the presidential race has been projected yet, but as Biden pulls ahead in Pennsylvania, CNN reports that those around Trump are discussing who might have a tough discussion with the president, who has baselessly claimed he is being cheated out of a victory.

"People around Trump are working to identify who might be able to communicate to him the stark reality," CNN reports. "There has been talk of potentially Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump, though their willingness to lead a difficult intervention wasn't clear."

One way of doing so that has been discussed, CNN writes, is "framing potential conversations with Trump around the idea of preserving his brand for life after being president," and The New York Times also reports that Republicans are discussing how to bring up with Trump "what leaving quietly could mean for his family, his business and his own ability to remain in politics."

But according to CNN, Trump has "given virtually no thought" to the idea that he might not win a second term, and that idea was "not discussed widely among his team." He also reportedly does not have a concession speech prepared.

Trump has reportedly told people he does not intend to concede the race, and Axios' Jonathan Swan writes that "nobody I have spoken to on the campaign or in the White House believes that Trump would ever publicly acknowledge a loss, even long after the election is certified." The Times similarly reports that while some believe Trump could ultimately concede if a loss becomes clear, "he will most likely never publicly accept the result" of the election.

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