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Lexington drops to ‘red’ in return-to-school status. Board calls special meeting.

Source: Kentucky.com -- Education

Article note: Welp. The fears about universities restarting preventing primary schools (for whom remote is arguably a larger impediment) just got confirmed.

A special meeting has been called for Friday to talk about the Fayette County Public Schools’ return to in-person learning. On Tuesday, Fayette County was ranked in the worst range, … Click to Continue »

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Researchers found the manual for the world’s oldest surviving computer

Source: Engadget

Article note: OOh.. Zuse's machines are fascinating, period documentation and usage notes for the oldest surviving machine (The extant Z3 is a replica) is one hell of a find.
Researchers will be able to gain a deeper understanding of what’s considered the world’s oldest surviving (digital) computer after its long-lost user manual was unearthed. The Z4, which was built in 1945, runs on tape, takes up most of a room and nee...
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Frugality Is Non-Linear (2019)

Source: Hacker News

Article note: I'm a big believer in living below your means as the optimal route to freedom. Also in maximally-passive, extremely diversified investing (Mutual funds & etc.).
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