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Player three has entered Cray’s supercomputing game: First AMD Epyc, now Fujitsu’s Arm chips

Source: The Register

Article note: I got a little look at the A64FX stuff at SC this year, and chatted with a Cray rep in front of a sample board; a year ago I was curious about Fujitsu's Post-K ARM plan announcement, now it's a goddamn impressive chip that is already here. A bunch of ARM cores with SVE (nice SWAR extensions) and memory interfaces that beat the pants off anything you can get in or out of accelerators has both serious performance potential and should be drastically easier to program to squeeze that performance out of than most current contenders. It sounds like Cray has only very preliminary plans to put them on the fancier interconnects, but even still, after years of present but not really, this suddenly makes ARM HPC very credible.

A64FX: Big in Japan, big in the US, UK at this rate

Cray has said it will build a family of supercomputers for government research labs and universities. The kicker? The exascale machines will be powered by Arm-compatible microprocessors.…

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Google wants to be your new bank

Source: Engadget

Article note: Oh boy! Banking with google so you can get locked out of your inadequately regulated pseudo-bank because someone got butthurt about a internet shitpost! That seems like a GREAT idea. /s
It's not just Apple and Facebook diving headlong into the financial world. Google has revealed plans to offer checking accounts in 2020 through a project nicknamed Cache. The search giant won't handle the actual underpinnings -- Citigroup and a cre...
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