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Please Add RSS Support to Your Site

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Fuck's sake yes. Enable Notifications: Fuck No. Join Mailing List: No. RSS subscription: Maybe, it lets me manage your noise to work for me. I've had some sites who killed their RSS (eg. Woot) and I just forgot existed for extended periods of time because "put it in the managed queue" is the only reasonable way to interact with the modern glut without completely abdicating curation to a third party.
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The Threat of Fake Academic Research

Source: Schneier on Security

Article note: Summary: "Oh no, a nation-state actor might intentionally publish fake research... like we keep catching academics doing because the incentive structure encourages them to."

Interesting analysis of the possibility, feasibility, and efficacy of deliberately fake scientific research, something I had previously speculated about.

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