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‘Collection of Mana’ brings classic action RPGs to Switch

Source: Engadget

Article note: OOooh, a real English release of Seiken Densetsu 3 branded as "Trials of Mana" (which, played in fan-translation, was one of my favorite JRPGs, just because of it's interesting party, class, and menu systems). One more reason I need to ~~not~~ have a Switch to sink time into.
Square Enix's RPG nostalgia isn't just limited to revamping Final Fantasy games. The developer is releasing Collection of Mana, a bundle of the first three games in the Mana series, on the Nintendo Switch later on June 11th (that's today, if you're r...
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Apple is making corporate ‘BYOD’ programs less invasive to user privacy

Source: Hacker News

Article note: I can't believe people do BYOD employer-managed phones. I understand cost and only-carrying-one-device aspects, but unless there are really, really good privilege separations between the personal and managed, that's insane. Users and work profiles on Android make things a _little_ less absurd, but the general wisdom seems like it should be "If you want me to carry a leash, you can pay for it."
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