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Aneng AN8009 DMM with Hacks

Aneng AN8009 DMM

I just picked up an Aneng AN8009 DMM as an upgrade to the cheap, cheap (but surprisingly OK) Circuit Specialists branded MY-68 I’ve had as my home on-desk approxometer for ages. It’s a nice meter for $30ish, and can be readily hacked to improve its performance. I tend to point people to mid-range Uni-T DMMs when they asked for decent hobby meters, but now I might switch to one of these plus one of those little $10 Atmega328 based component testers cloned everywhere for ~$10 as basic electronics lab instruments.

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Schools Are Deploying Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming

Source: Hacker News

Article note: That is some creepy fuckin' shit we are acclimatizing students to for dubious benefit. It seems like something ripe for civil disobedience DDOS campaigns...
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