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Fritzing gets a new maintainer, ongoing development plans #Fritzing

Source: adafruit industries blog

Article note: Exciting. I've never found anything that even comes close for some classes of educational material making tasks, so it's wonderful to see some resources and energy going in to Fritzing again.

On the Fritzing GitHub, Kjell Morgenstern announces they are taking over maintenance of Fritzing:


As announced in #3435 , I am taking over maintenance of Fritzing for André. My C++ / Embedded development / Robotics background is a good start, but I am not alone. Together with the help of the people at Aisler and @ovidiub13, a developer with KDE background, we plan to release a fresh build of Fritzing in the near future.

So, this is a short term roadmap, limited to the minimal things to get things rolling.

April/May 2019

  1. Add CI for Linux, Windows and Mac targets
  2. We will create a test release 0.9.4alpha , since toolchains and many other things have changed, and we need to verify that processes still work on a all platforms.
  3. Reduce the number of open issues, by closing issues which are too old, no longer valid, or just to low in priority as “No fix, please re-open if you disagree”.
  4. After alpha, we will roll out 0.9.4b to the download section.
  5. Update developer wiki: Align better with git-flow, rebase all pull requests before merge, only accept PR if CI is green, check basic coding style…

June/July 2019
8. (ongoing) Reduce the number of open issues…
9. Prepare 0.9.5 release, work on new features/feature requests
10. Add black box and unit test infrastructure

August/September 2019
13. Create 0.9.5 beta
14. Release 0.9.5 stable

Thanks to Aisler’s sponsorship, we can hopefully look to updates to our favorite diagram program.

Are you a Fritzing fan? Let us know in the comments below.



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