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The University Is a Ticking Time Bomb

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Article isn't wrong about the problem, but doesn't even _consider_ professionalizing teaching faculty. It notices that overworked unstable adjuncts provide an inferior educational experience, but also seems to assume that being taught by people whose attention is largely devoted to scrabbling for the dwindling pool of public funding and metric-gamed publication output that their professional future is almost entirely dependent on is magically educationally superior. To teach enrollments anything like current demand with tenure track primarily-research faculty would require a massive increase in public funding for research (which would be fine too), or you're just changing the problem to a 7-year professional life as each cohort doesn't stand a chance at tenure because of teaching demands and lack of funding. So open up the process. I'd _jump_ at a tenure-track position where my DOE was primarily teaching and only expected to be 20% research. Positions like that would solve the problem without requiring highly improbable external actions.
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