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Bloomberg alleges Huawei routers and network gear are backdoored

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: Hiding behind Hanlon's razor (let's go with the modified "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice"): We _genuinely can't tell_ if internet connected garbage is insecure because it's garbage, or because it's backdoored.
5G Logo in the shape of a butterfly.

Enlarge / PORTUGAL - 2019/03/04: 5G logo is seen on an android mobile phone with Huawei logo on the background. (credit: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Vodafone, the largest mobile network operator in Europe, found backdoors in Huawei equipment between 2009 and 2011, reports Bloomberg. With these backdoors, Huawei could have gained unauthorized access to Vodafone's "fixed-line network in Italy." But Vodafone disagrees, saying that while it did discover some security vulnerabilities in Huawei equipment, these were fixed by Huawei and in any case were not remotely accessible, and hence they could not be used by Huawei.

Bloomberg's claims are based on Vodafone's internal security documentation and "people involved in the situation." Several different "backdoors" are described: unsecured telnet access to home routers, along with "backdoors" in optical service nodes (which connect last-mile distribution networks to optical backbone networks) and "broadband network gateways" (BNG) (which sit between broadband users and the backbone network, providing access control, authentication, and similar services).

In response to Bloomberg, Vodafone said that the router vulnerabilities were found and fixed in 2011 and the BNG flaws were found and fixed in 2012. While it has documentation about some optical service node vulnerabilities, Vodafone continued, it has no information about when they were fixed. Further, the network operator said that it has no evidence of issues outside Italy.

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UK to give iPads to all incoming freshmen this fall

Source: -- Education

Article note: "UK to spend 1.5 million of students' tuition dollars to lock our freshmen into Apple's roach-motel ecosystem." It could be worse on the privacy invasion front but ...really? iPads? At least the press release says they're including "an Apple Smart Keyboard and an Apple Pencil" so it isn't _purely_ a consumption device, even if it isn't quite a full function computer.

All incoming University of Kentucky freshmen will be given an iPad as part of a partnership with the Apple corporation, officials announced Tuesday. “This is all about student success,” said … Click to Continue »

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Fritzing gets a new maintainer, ongoing development plans #Fritzing

Source: adafruit industries blog

Article note: Exciting. I've never found anything that even comes close for some classes of educational material making tasks, so it's wonderful to see some resources and energy going in to Fritzing again.

On the Fritzing GitHub, Kjell Morgenstern announces they are taking over maintenance of Fritzing:


As announced in #3435 , I am taking over maintenance of Fritzing for André. My C++ / Embedded development / Robotics background is a good start, but I am not alone. Together with the help of the people at Aisler and @ovidiub13, a developer with KDE background, we plan to release a fresh build of Fritzing in the near future.

So, this is a short term roadmap, limited to the minimal things to get things rolling.

April/May 2019

  1. Add CI for Linux, Windows and Mac targets
  2. We will create a test release 0.9.4alpha , since toolchains and many other things have changed, and we need to verify that processes still work on a all platforms.
  3. Reduce the number of open issues, by closing issues which are too old, no longer valid, or just to low in priority as “No fix, please re-open if you disagree”.
  4. After alpha, we will roll out 0.9.4b to the download section.
  5. Update developer wiki: Align better with git-flow, rebase all pull requests before merge, only accept PR if CI is green, check basic coding style…

June/July 2019
8. (ongoing) Reduce the number of open issues…
9. Prepare 0.9.5 release, work on new features/feature requests
10. Add black box and unit test infrastructure

August/September 2019
13. Create 0.9.5 beta
14. Release 0.9.5 stable

Thanks to Aisler’s sponsorship, we can hopefully look to updates to our favorite diagram program.

Are you a Fritzing fan? Let us know in the comments below.



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Docker Hub Hacked – 190k accounts, GitHub tokens revoked, builds disabled

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Bullshit plumbing built out of shaky, haphazardly composed layers of bullshit to vaguely ape existing designs, by the webtard community who only know how to work that way. I'm ready for Singularity to fuck up the rest of the Linux container space.
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Intel stockpiling 10nm chips, warns that 14nm shortages will continue

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: Intel's fab situation the last few years has been fascinating.
Intel Skylake die shot, built using the 14nm process.

Intel Skylake die shot, built using the 14nm process. (credit: Intel)

In its earnings conference call, Intel has warned that chip shortages are set to continue into the third quarter of the year, However, the company has also said that its 10nm manufacturing process is improving faster than anticipated and that it will be able to sell more 10nm chips this year than previously predicted.

Intel's troubled migration to its 10nm manufacturing process has had many consequences in the wider computing industry. Gartner and IDC both say that some of the shrinkage of the PC market is due to a lack of processors, and companies such as Microsoft have stated that their financial performance would have been better were it not for the shortages. Intel was expected to be building a wide range of mainstream processors on its 10nm at this point, reducing the pressure on its 14nm facilities. The delay to 10nm has prevented this.

So great is the demand for 14nm manufacturing capacity that in some areas the company has even had to go backwards. Most 300-series chipsets, introduced with Coffee Lake processors, are built on 14nm. In December last year, Intel released a new chipset, B365, aimed at mainstream consumer and corporate desktops. This chipset is built on the previous generation 22nm process to free up 14nm capacity. It's also believed that the company has issued a 22nm version of the H310 chipset, called H310C. These moves both enable the company to use its limited 14nm manufacturing capacity for chips with a higher margin than these chipsets. The company has also invested $1.5 billion on machinery to increase its 14nm output.

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Boolean Circuits are Neural Networks

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Isn't this an old - like late 80s old - idea?
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Bullshitters. Who Are They and What Do We Know about Their Lives? [pdf]

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Unfortunately I read this as "Bullshit is both rewarded and learned." Professionally, there only seems to be impostor syndrome or bullshitting, and the latter is far more individually rewarded.
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Windows 10’s new app tabs feature has disappeared and might not return

Source: The Verge - All Posts

Article note: Microsoft has been teasing and failing to deliver mid-90s BeOS feature since the early 2000s.

Microsoft had been planning to introduce a tabbed apps feature in Windows 10, dubbed Sets. The company tested it with Windows Insiders, but decided not to ship it with a major release of Windows 10. It now looks like the Sets feature may never appear in Windows 10. Microsoft program manager Rich Turner revealed over the weekend that “the Shell-provided tab experience is no more,” but that adding tabs to the Windows command line is a priority.

ZDNet now reports that Microsoft has dropped plans for Sets, because the company has moved Edge over to Chromium. Edge was a big part of Sets, and it would load as part of a new tab in every Universal Windows App. It’s clear that Microsoft is prioritizing work on its new Edge browser over features...

Continue reading…

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Selective Empathy Can Chip Away at Civil Society

Source: Hacker News

Article note: Hey look, a serious book on a drum I've been beating for years.
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Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!

Source: The Register

Article note: We "accidentally" vacuumed up and analyzed millions of people's data using the access we demanded. The only question is "Is Facebook criminally incompetent, or simply criminal." Neither is a good look.

So that's all OK then

Facebook has admitted to harvesting email contacts from 1.5 million people without permission.…

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