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WordPress Header Glitch

For some reason, the 3.1 to 3.1.1 WordPress update (or something coincident with it) removed the rel=me link back to my Google profile from my headers. Those links are important – they’re how this page is integrated into my online identity via XFN (The “Xhtml Friends Network”), one of the open standards which will obsolete proprietary social networks like the normal standards-driven internet obsoleted AOL, Compuserve, and the other early walled-garden services (oh please oh please oh please oh….). More immediately, they are what lets google know it should pull blog posts into my Buzz feed and such. Fixed now.

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Beware WordPress Revision Behavior

The editing/cleaning/etc. I’ve been doing to the new blog has caused lots of inconsequential minor revisions to content… which would be fine except that, by default, recent versions of WP generate a new PostID (and associated database cruft) EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A REVISION, resulting in about 350 bogus PostIDs between my last two posts – about 200 of them from leaving the editor up and autosaving for a couple hours. The interwebs are full of notes about adding define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false); to wp-config.php to turn revision saving off, and there is a handy delete-revision plugin to purge any that got by without having to bust out SQL tools, but what a dumb behavior.

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Notes on Migrating Flatpress to WordPress

I’m going to post up some notes on the process of migrating my content from the Flatpress (wordpress-like flat-file backed CMS) instance at my old blog to a WordPress (the dominant CMS for blogs, MySQL backed) instance here at  The short version? It is seriously aggravating. Long block of text follows.
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Blog Move

This blog is in the process of moving in from it’s previous location at to it’s new home at on bluehost. This current page will no doubt be repeatedly created and destroyed in the process, as I try to explain to the terrible migration tool about internal linking, resources, categories, and a variety of other things it is doing it’s best to lose or mangle. Things should be up and running in a couple of days, when the links will be updated, and the relocation notice will go up at the old location. This post also has a full set of categories, to force updates.

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I seem to have a minor spambot infestation in my blog comment system. I’ve cleaned it out for now, but this most likely means the anti-spambot measures in Flatpress have been defeated.
I should probably upgrade my Flatpress install to the latest version, but I am hesitant to do so since I won’t have time to fix it for the next several weeks if something goes wrong, and I am planning to move this blog to it’s own hosting (yet undetermined) in the immediate future.
Please excuse any temporary spam incursions until I have a more permanent fix for the problem.

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Buzz Widget Breakage

My blog sidebar buzz widget seems to have died at the beginning of the month, and stays dead even if regenerated (some problem with the API?). It is all server-side magic, borrowed from, so it isn’t easily fixable, even if I wanted to deal with javascript. You can follow my buzz postings from my google profile at, I’m just going to theme swap back to the one that didn’t support the buzz widget, and put that URL in the link menu.

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Blog Tweaks

I’m aware the new theming and layout looks just a hair above “terrible;” I want to get a Buzz feed on here to better integrate my social media-ing, and the “Kubrik” theme I’ve been using won’t cooperate. When I get the chance I hope to sit down with some of the flatpress themes and a text editor so I can get something reasonably attractive going with buzz displaying between the header and posts (which will involve making the top bar work and scale…), but I despise that kind of web development, and don’t really have time to sit down and make it happen right now.

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Flatpress Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded this Flatpress install to the new 0.909 Arioso release. I think I have everything working properly, and it will hopefully cure some wonky behavior that started when the PHP version on was upgraded recently. This version should add a couple features, like BBCode markup in comments. I may also go looking for a theme that doesn’t look like an un-configured wordpress installation, but that’s getting ambitious.

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Foodblogging has always straddled the line between awesome and pretentious in my mind, but I’ve been feeling the urge to try of late. I tossed up one meal picture not too long ago, and I’m going to go ahead and add a category for food-related blogging to the primitive little tagging system Flatpress supports. I’m really not sure if it’s going to be an occasional “Look what I did!” picture or something more diverse and/or useful, but I fully intend to do whatever I feel like with it and find out. Food post to follow.

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Resume Service

So I failed to feel like blogging for about a month there, which is what I was afraid would happen when I started this little project. That said, I think I’m going to try to resume, as overall I have enjoyed keeping the blog. A quick listing of blogworthy things I failed to post in the last month or so:

* I put some pictures from DorkbotLex #5 up on flickr.

* Some of my fellow EE gradstudents who are into guns finally got me to go to a range with them a couple times. Guns are fun. More thoughts on this in a separate post.

* One of my groupmates had his master’s defense(I wish I had a link to the thesis, but it doesn’t appear to be online), and did a really excellent job of it. For those not familiar with the process, at the end of a graduate degree you have to explain how great you are to a group of faculty, via a presentation of your research; an audience is allowed for the majority of the presentation. A large portion of the attendees went to lunch afterward, and it felt kind of kind of like having cackling old relatives pulling the “Your next” routine at a wedding, not so much for finishing the degree, but because the department rather regularly seems to have need of a native English speaker who did their undergrad at UK and stuck around for gradschool to talk to guests, and I am now the obvious choice.

* I pulled apart a dead Apple Airport Express I was given the other day. Apple Ultrasonically Welds the damn things shut, so getting into it is something of an adventure. Most of the other attempts I found online suggest a hacksaw in the seam, or drilling into the board above the internal power connections, I went with cutting the seam with a utility knife heated with a torch and had good luck. Once inside, I was greeted with one of the more impressive component failures I’ve ever encountered, in what is probably an inductor on the power board. Apparently cases like this can usually be fixed by tossing the power board and connecting 3 and 5 volts to the appropriate leads; I haven’t done it yet (No 3V regulators on hand), but probably will just to play with it.

Hopefully this is the first of a batch of new and interesting posts.

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