There’s something off about LED bulbs

Source: Hacker News

Article note: ...There's something off if you buy _absolute garbage_ bulbs and/or use them in ways not indicated. If you use the ones with chopper power supply designs that probably say "Not Dimmable" on the box with an upstream chopper dimmer, their power supply dies. If you buy the dollar store bulbs driving the cheapest LEDs they could find at 110% of their rated current through a power supply at 110% of the rated output for the design the manufacture made a cost-cut clone of then built with no-name crapacitors, they die. If you buy the ones with the cheapest LEDs pumping the cheapest phosphor coatings, they throw terrible notchy spectrum light. Quality LEDs driven with quality PSUs in quality envelopes are only moderately more expensive and are excellent. Cool. Efficient. No flicker. High CRI. Long-lived. It's just a problem that identifying the ones that aren't garbage is harder than it should be because the market is flooded with cost-cut trash.
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