Fujitsu confirms end date for mainframe and Unix systems

Source: The Register

Article note: Getting out of Sparc makes sense, no one gives a shit about commercial Unix anymore, Oracle has poisoned the waters around Sparc, and Fujitsu has seriously badass AArch64 designs that can take over in the remaining markets. The mainframes though? That's an ...odd... move. There doesn't seem to be a ton of overlap between the "Mainframe customers" (serous mainframes, the GS21 family are basically modernized Amdhal ESA/390 compatible designs) and "Customers who will migrate to a new, small cloud provider."

Once Japanese giant's main squeezes, they're being ditched at end of decade

Fujitsu has confirmed the end of the road for its mainframes and Unix server systems. It will cease to sell both by the end of this decade, with support services continuing for a further five years.…

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