New Spectre Vulnerability Beats Mitigations, Performance to Badly Drop After Fix

Source: Hacker News

Article note: And again. Because once someone looked into the absurd nest of generations of half-baked hacks to make the numbers go up inside a modern high-performance commodity microprocessor, the shit-show is going to keep unraveling until the parts perform worse than if none of the speculation and hidden caches and such were there. The assumed environment commodity computer hardware (...and software) was designed for was not multi-tenant (VM/Cloud), and was not 'automatically download and run random code from the network' (browser-as-runtime). It's possible to design computers for that, and at one point a bunch of larger systems vendors did (...and IBM is the only one still hanging on), but we're dozens of generations into lines that were designed as single-user detached systems then outgrew themselves.
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