Zoom is now critical infrastructure – that’s a concern

Source: Hacker News

Article note: This is half of _why_ open, interoperable protocols are so important. Zoom is not quite a full-on mono-culture (Teams is honestly a much better product for running classes and I'm pretty skeptical of Miscrosoft in general, Google has a couple products in that space, there are a bunch of other not-terrible video conferencing options, etc.) it just has network effects making it the default, and inertia that makes it tricky to move elsewhere. However. We don't have global email outages because it's all clients talking over a protocol, just local disruptions. We don't have the whole web go down, just local failures (sometimes big ones when we let things like Cloudflare, or AWS, or EIG get too big for their britches). It seems like getting something standard and federated (maybe jitsi...) would be in everyone's best interest, but things are too dumb and desperate for that lately.
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