A Resolution to Redefine SPI Signal Names – Open Source Hardware Association @ohsummit

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Article note: The activist left's (which has, essentially, devolved into a continuous replay of the "Judean peoples front vs. People's Front Of Judea" Monty Python sketch while the actually-in-power capital class rides off with complete victory) tendency to respond to having to no real power by increasingly exercising petty power for media purges (more mud-mask == blackface purges in the feed today, lol), nomenclature battles, and personal harassment, is undermining their ability to ever attain any real power with their bullshit. I don't much care either way about this and the dozen other recent "Master/Slave can only be understood the light of U.S. History" linguistic manipulation stories, but I'd like to live in a country with a functioning healthcare system and infrastructure, and that will require some consolidated power on the left. Social movements live and die on their ability to demonstrate power and restraint, and this shit is demonstrating the lack of both, at a time when all you need to do to be the responsible adult is not be an _obvious_ petty jackass.

Adafruit 2019 4221

A Resolution to Redefine SPI Signal Names – Open Source Hardware Association.

A Resolution to Redefine SPI Signal Names: We, the undersigned, encourage educators, engineers, designers, and community members to discontinue the use of the terms MOSI/MISO/SS and in their place use SDO/SDI/CS.

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