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Woo for Its Own Sake

Source: Hacker News

Article note: In industry: Resume driven development. In academia: Publication driven development. The result is the same, useless unmaintainable hipstershit floats to the top because it looks nifty, and useful work is systematically marginalized. I'm pretty novelty-driven, but I'll only do pet projects or school assignments or the like with shiny new fad tools... you know, things I'm reasonably assured I can throw away in a month or two if the ecosystem implodes or it needs to be competently interoperable or whatnot. For things that actually need to work I'm _conservative as fuck_ with using well known (both by me and in general), well established tech. Because I was competently trained as an engineer, and the software world has, for both valid and invalid reasons, completely failed to become engineering, over and over, through 40some years of repeated claims to the contrary.
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