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Armed Mexicans Were Smuggled In to Guard Border Wall, Whistle-Blowers Say

Source: NYT > World

Article note: Irony.

In a complaint unsealed on Friday, whistle-blowers working on President Trump’s wall said that contractors were illegally bringing in Mexican guards to protect construction sites.

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Uber abandons dreams of self-driving domination, sells self-driving unit

Source: Ars Technica

Article note: They bribed whole automation research groups out of academia with VC money they grifted on the hype cycle. They used self-driving hype as an advertised avenue to profitability that didn't require they own up to "mass exploitation of workers in unstable below minimum wage jobs." And they're out.
A casually dressed man stands in front of a large automobile.

Enlarge / Aurora CEO Chris Urmson in front of an Aurora semi truck. (credit: Aurora)

Aurora, one of the nation's leading self-driving startups, will become the new owner of Uber's self-driving division, Aurora announced on Monday. In addition to turning over Uber's self-driving division, known as the Uber Advanced Technology Group (ATG), Uber will also pump $400 million into Aurora.

In exchange, Uber will get a minority stake in Aurora and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will get a seat on Aurora's board.

The deal allows Uber to unload a self-driving division that has struggled to regain its footing ever since an Uber ATG vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in March 2018. Uber shut down its on-road testing for several months after that incident, and the program has faced lingering public skepticism ever since. It's not clear if the deal will lead to layoffs at Uber ATG.

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Comic: Home Theater

Source: Penny Arcade

Article note: Every now and then the PA folks make a comic we'll be referring to for ages. I expect this one, reminding us that the dying remains of movie theaters were always horrible, will be one such.

New Comic: Home Theater

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