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I’ve been considering getting myself some hosting for a variety fo projects for a while. One of the ideas I had percolating was setting up a blog sort of thing, particularly given the “connectedness” of most of my friends and acquantences, and the fact that I find the popular social networking services’ policies totally unpalateable.

Since getting a domain and acceptable cheap hosting would be about $5/mo, prepaid two years in advance, it seems prudent to try it out on a free bit of webspace available to me. Once I have things set up I might even let people know this is here.

I set this up with the FlatPress, since this server has a nice recent PHP version, but the SQL server is either disabled or I don’t have permissions to use it. FlatPress was charmingly easy to set up, so much so that I’m a bit concerned I may have opened up to pwnage by accident, I’ll have to poke at it a bit more to make sure I haven’t’ done anything obviously dumb.

On that note, if anyone from UK ECS notices this, am I allowed to be using this space this way? I’m sure it can be construed as somehow significant to my education if it needs to be, and it should be a rather low intensity use.

(also, I managed to lose the first version of this post by hiting another tab in the entry tool and navigating away from the handy little embedded editor without explicitly saving. This is not a feature, but perhaps the “Save&Continue button down there is for that…)

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