Churchill Jasmine


Trucks On

Installing the trucks, 1.25″ hardware, washers underneath. I tried with 1″ hardware, but didn’t get good engagement with the nylon in the nuts, so I spent a minute playing goldilocks bolts. The 1.25″ were definitely more appropriate with the washers and grip in the stack, and there is an odd quirk with the Churchill hardware in that the 1″ bolts have Phillips heads and the 1.25″ have hex heads. I think traditionally dropthroughs should be assembled with pan heads, but the countersink on these bolts is so flat I don’t feel like there is going to be a problem.
Some helpful hints: make sure the kingpins are installed when you put the trucks on, the pin does not have enough clearance go in with the baseplate installed – I caught that at the last moment. Also, it is much easier to put the bushing cup in to its slot, then the hanger into it, rather than inserting both at the same time.
I should probably put dropthrough shock pads on there, but didn’t think to get a set.

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